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Friday, February 15, 2008

Knottie Help I

If you are planning a wedding, and have not visited The Knot then you are crazy. The Knot is your one stop shop for all things wedding. They have all kinda of great ideas there for everything having to do with weddings. They even have boards where you can talk to brides and former brides. In fact the boards are my favorite. I found most of my ideas there. I would highly recommend checking it out.

Since I found so much help there, I though I would give a little back. This blog entry is going to be for all those knotties who need some help with the forum boards. You will find information about; all kinds of bio help, how to add pictures/links to your signature, how to post a picture into a post and more.

Bio Help:
YAY for bios. Who doesn't love taking a look at other knotties bios to see all the great ideas they have collected? There are lots of new and easy ways to create your bio. Which one you will use can depend on your skill level with HTML.

Bio Creators
- BriannaNichole's Free html bio template. You can download my bio template for free. You will need to have some knowledge of HTML to use it.
- Google Pages. Lots of knotties are using this. It is a really easy and FREE way to create your bio.
- The Bio Builder The free version is very limited, but the pro version has lots of features.
- STL WedBio Builder Another bio creator/editor.

Picture In Post:
Just use this code and a picture will appear in your post.
1. Upload your image, I like flickr.com or photobucket.
2. Right click the image to get the URL.
3. Go to TinyUrl.com and make the url tiny
4. Enter this code into your post: [img]Tinyurlhere[/img] make sure your tiny url is not bold.

Siggy Help
A signature, or siggy, is what appears at the end of your posts. You can customize it with links, text and pictures.

Add a Link: <*a href="URL Goes Here" target =_"blank">Name of Link<*/a>
- The a href sends you to your link
- The URL is where you want the person to go, i.e your bio etc.
- The Target="blank" makes it open in a new window
- Name of link can be changed to anything you want it to say
- Make sure to add the <*/a> at the end to close the tag
- Take out the *

Here is what it looks like when I link to my bio: My Knot Bio

Add a Picture: <*img src="Picture URL Here" width="250">
- Make sure to remove the *
- The Img src is the image source
- The width is the amount of pixels the picture will be. for the knot I like to set it around 200 - 250.

Here is what it looks like:

Please come back to check out my next blog entry. It will contain links to helpful templates and helpful bios.

I hope you found this blog helpful.

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