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Friday, February 29, 2008

Get This Look Part I - 'The Invitation'

This tutorial is designed to create a pocketfold invitation. It should be all the steps, sizes, design, fonts and everything else you to to create this invitation. All you should have to do is download the fonts, the file,change the personal information & colors.

Note: You must have Photoshop to be able to edit and use this Invitation. I will try and come up with the design for Microsoft Word or PowerPoint, but right now it can only be used with Photoshop.

Download Invitation File

The Invitation, Reception, RSVP, Direction and Accommodation cards are all the correct sizes to be used in the Signature Pocketfold from Cards and Pockets.com.

Fonts used:
Medieval Motif II: This is the dingbat for the flourish at the top of the invitation.
Bickham fancy script: Used with Beautiful ES Script as the scrip font. This font is not free, but you can use the Beautiful Caps Script and Beautiful ES Script to create the same look.
Beautiful Caps ES
Beautiful ES
Carlos: Font used for the block letters. This font can be replaced with any block font you like.

**Note: All fonts are for PC only. Sorry Mac guys :(

Sizing - The Signature pocketfold (from cardsandpockets.com) is 5x7. The Invitation is designed to be 4.5 x 6.5 or 4.75 x 6.75, the size will depend on if you plan on having a mat behind your invitation.

**The invitation mat is a colored piece of cardstock that sits between the invitation and the pocketfolder. It is slightly smaller than the pocketfolder and slightly bigger than the invitation. Thus giving you the mat look (like on a picture in a frame)

If you have an invitation mat then the invitation will be 4.5 x 6.5, if you opt not to have one the invitation will be 4.75 x 6.5. Generally the invitation mat will be 4.75 x 6.75. You can purchase the mat already pre-cut from Cardsandpockets.com.

My invitation is created to be 4.5 x 6.5. If you wish your invitation to be bigger; simply increase the canvas size by .25 inches.

The Invitation:

Step Download the fonts and the .psd file. You will need to place the fonts in your fonts folder: My Computer > C Drive > Windows Folder > Fonts Folder.

You will need to reboot your computer before you can use your new fonts.

Step Open the invitation.psd file in Photoshop.

Each layer is labeled so it should be easy to see what layer you need to edit.

Step 2 Click on the Color Pallet tool to select the colors that you want the invitation to be. In this case I am going to use black and hot pink.

We are going to change all the color first and then customize it with your personal information.

Step 3 Select the layer you want to edit, select the Text Tool and highlight your text. Click on the arrow next to the Color Pallet tool to switch the colors. Keep switching them until the color you want is set to the foreground (i.e. The first color box).

Do this with all the layers until your invitation is the colors you desire.

Step 4 Select the Type tool and the layer with which you want to edit the type. Highlight the text you wish to change, and type in the new text.

Continue doing this until the invitation has been personalized with all your information.

The next step is optional. If you notice the Bickham Fancy Script can be hard to read some letters. If you wish you can select certain letters and substitute the font with the Beautiful Script.

Step 5 Select the Type tool and highlight the letters you wish to edit. Click on the down arrow to change the font. When you are finished click on the Arrow.

Step 6 Since you changed the text, you may need to move it around some. Select the Move tool to re-center your text.

You are done!

In the next blog entry I will go over sizing and creation of the inserts for the pocktfolder. Including; Directions card, Accommodations card, RSVP card and Reception card. Also, I will be going over how to order the supplies to make everything and the prices.


Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Upcoming Blog Tutorial

Hi, and Happy Wednesday! I hope everyone is having a great week. I wanted to post a little teaser for my next blog entry. The next entry will be all about how to 'Get This Look'. I will post a wedding invitation and everything you need to do to create that look. I will even post my invitation for you to download and to customize with your colors, names, dates etc. I'll even tell you where you can buy the supplies and where you can get them printed.

Here is the look that I am going for.

Stay tuned,

Friday, February 22, 2008

Photoshop Tutorial: Cappy

If you are like me you like to use all caps for wedding paper projects (monograms, table numbers,invitations etc). I get tired of using the Caps Lock button, and if I want to use caps but have the first letter bigger I have to start messing with the size of the fonts. All in all it gets pretty tiresome. Well, in most programs you can set small caps or all caps. In this blog
I am going to show you how to create a simple monogram in all caps without using the Caps Lock key.
Here is the look that I am going for:

Step 1 Open Photoshop, create a new canvas and select the Type Tool.

Pick a font that is not already all caps. In this case I am using Bookman Old Style which is built into most versions of Windows.

Step 2 Type in you and your FH (future hubby's) names. Make sure to put one or two spaces between the names so we can add an ampersand (&) sign later.

Step 3 Highlight the text and select the Character and Paragraph Palette.

Step 4 Select the Character tab.
For Small Caps: Select the button with the Big and Little T's.

For All Caps: Select the button with two Big T's.

Step 5 Add a new layer, select a script font and type an ampersand sign.

Step 6 You may need to increase the size of the ampersand. Once you are happy with the look use the move tool to place it between the names.

Step 7 Highlight the & Layer and move it below the names layer.
Lower the opacity of the & Layer, until you are satified with the results.

Step 8 Use the same script font and type out the wedding date. Use the Crop Tool to trim the canvus.

You are finished!

If you want to change the colors, simply highlight the text and select a new color.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial,

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Tropical Dingbats

Most people trying to design wedding monograms, invitations, table numbers etc are not graphic designers. You may not have expensive programs (or knowledge) to create the designs you want. You can use clipart or you can page for images from stock web sites. Or you could download a dingbat. A Dingbat is a term for a font that is an image. It is used just like a font. In fact, I use a lot of dingbats for monograms and other wedding stationary.

I get a lot of requests for Tropical, Nautical or Beach themed stuff. I thought I would share of the free dingbats that I use.

WM Trees
These are all kinds of trees. I mainly use them for the palm tree images, however you can use them for the other tree designs.

Tropicana BV
All kinds of casual tropical images. I like to use three of the letters together to create a really pretty flower.

WM Aquatic
Mostly shells and fish.

SC Down by the Sea
Lots of fish, shells, some starfish and even a few boats.

Ocean Lacy
Fish, shells and beach critters.

KR Down by the Sea
Lots of shells and some beach scenes.

GE Out to Sea
Lots of sea life.

GE Nautica
Lots of ocean scenery; boats, ropes, dingy etc.

Check out some of the monograms that you can make with these dingbats:

As always, I hope you found this tutorial helpful!