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Monday, March 10, 2008

What Do You Need Help With in Photoshop?

Is there something in Photoshop that you just don't understand? Are you looking to re-create a specific monogram or design? Is there some step that has just been stumping you? Well, this is your chance to get some help. Leave me a comment with your question or problem and I will create a Photoshop tutorial just for you.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Brianna.
I am a loyal blog stalker and LOVE your tutorials.

I would love to see a tutorial on what each of the tools does that are in the box on the left (atleast on my computer) I know there is the resize tool, eraser and eye dropper...but what do all the other things do?

I would also love a tutorial on how to create wedding album pages. For example I need to create a single page in a 10x10 size and then add pictures to it and save as a JPEG...I am going to make one of these books... http://www.fromex.net/
and I have to submit them as sigle jpegs...also how could I cut a picture in half and save each side?

I know that was a lot of things....but anything you can help me with would be awesome!
Thanks again for all these.
Cristin aka MrsSDSU

kwhited said...


I would like to know how to take a saved; image from photoshop and convert it to a image that can be used in Microsoft. I do all my designing at work with photoshop but our printers only print black and white, no colors. I can print colors at home but I don't have photoshop at home.

your tutorials are great, I love looking for new ones from you.

Paul & Criss Rosu said...

i would like to know how can i make dots hearts from my logo. i have the image very small and when i want to used on bigger pictures it loses quality. you can find my logo on www.redecorated.blogspot.com , and it is about the two heart above redwedding... i would really apreaciate it if you would help me...thanks a lot...and btw your tutorials are awsome!