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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Beautiful Font

The name really hits the nail on the head, the Beautiful ES font is in fact beautiful. It also just happens to be one of my favorite fonts to use....and it is free! Actually, its two fonts, but I use them as one. They are Beautiful Caps ES and Beautiful ES. As you can imagine the Caps version only has uppercase letters and the other version has both. I typically use the Caps version for just the first letter, and then use Beautiful ES for the rest of the letters. Beautiful ES does have capital letters but they are not as pretty/fancy as the other.

The Beautiful font is actually very similar to the Bickham Scrip suite of fonts. You get a lot more fonts with the Bickham suite, but the Beautiful fonts are free. In fact I like to mix the Bickham and Beautiful fonts together since I don't like some of the Bickham letters.

You can download both fonts for free all over the web or here:
Beautiful ES
Beautiful Caps ES

Here are some monogram examples in the Beautiful fonts:

In fact, the header for this blog uses both the fonts.

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melissa said...

Do you make monograms for brides? You can email me at siestakeybride@gmail.com

Knottie MrsDempsey08

Affairs With Elegance said...

I love how the "D" goes through the "R" on the Deanna & Richard monogram. Can you email at lakendra@affairswithelegance.com.

I'd love to have an "E" (in medium pink) go through an "A" (in black).


Backpacker said...

Help.. how will i install the beautiful ES font?

BriannaNichole said...

@Backpacker. I have instructions on how to install fonts here: http://weddingmonograms.blogspot.com/2008/03/so-you-need-some-help-installing-fonts.html