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Friday, October 10, 2008

Reader Emails

Ug, I have to tell you guys how very, very sorry I am! Not only have I not been blogging, I have not been answering my email! I know I have just not gotten back to anyone. If it makes you all feel better I have not be blogging much on my personal blog either. Since I have been so bad at getting back to emails I thought I would answer some emails I received on my blog so others might benefit from it too. Here goes:

Email From Sarah
How would I create embellished / ornate fonts and flourish designs.

I know you cannot see the images she attached so I will explain them. She is looking for an ornate letter as the back of her monogram.

The best, and easiest, way to have an ornate design is to use a dingbat or a font. Learn more about Dingbats. One of my favorite dingbat sites is Houseoflime.com.
Here is one that I created using the Ornate Initials B font.

I simply added a box to make it a little fancier. You can find similar instructions on my How to Create a Border tutorial.

Email From Ashley
So first off, I LOVE your site! You are soo freaking creative! OMG I have been on photoshop for hours playing with my monogram! I have a few questions though because I'm having some problems. My colors are Red and White. So its been hard to do monograms with it cause they are boring, I have tried incorporation black and grey and like a beige but Im having alot of difficulty. Does it have to match my color theme or can you think of some other colors I can throw in with red? Ugh its super aggravating. Also our names are Ashley & Matthew soon to be last name Donovan. These are such hard letters to work together! Exceptionally the D!Im trying but Im not having much luck. My wedding is 05/30/09 si I still have time, but Im getting pretty frustrated. Is there any way you could help me come up with a good idea? Thanks.

First off I have to say thanks so much for the compliment on the site. You will have to thank my old boss who let me make monogram tutorials when I should have been working ;).

To answer your question I think that there are a lot of colors that you can do with red and white. I love the idea of doing back and grey with some red for an accent. It just screams chic and modern to me. I don't think you have to 100% match your color scheme. If you add punches of other colors no one would even know. In fact you could do invitations and STDs that are a totally different color pallet than your wedding. No one would be the wiser. Another great way to work with a 'boring' color pallet is to go monochromatic. Why not use several shades of the same color.

I do agree that some letters are harder to work with than others! My monogram consisted of B, D and another D for the last name. I could not pick harder letters to work with than those. What I figured out was that by adding a different type of font (cursive swirly vs. modern serif) you can overcome those difficult font issues.

By using a serif, or plain, font for the D I was able to get around the fact that it is hard to find a good 'fancy font' D.

That is all of the emails for this time. I hope you found this helpful. I am going to really try to make an effort to post lots more monogram tutorial annnnnnnnnd to answer my emails.

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My Dream Ring said...

I am also a HUGE fan of this blog. I purchased Photoshop almost a year ago and never got around to using it because I was so frustrated with it. It just seemed too hard to work with. Then I found your oh so wonderful site and all I can say is THANKS! I have made my monograms and have been working on my invites and I plan to do a lot more thanks to your tutorials! YOU ROCK and thanks for poking your head in and giving us an update. Take Care.

Leslie said...

SO glad to see you are still around! I have been playing with Photoshop for sometime now but your tutorials are awesome - makes things easy and for me that is great! I am working on getting our monogram completed and enjoy seeing all the different options you have created. I am not a creative person by nature so I love seeing your ideas!

Take care ~ Leslie

The Motherload said...

I am so happy that you popped in, I hope that you come back with more tutorial goodies. This was like a teaser, waiting on you and looking forward to more stuff. Don't forget the fans ;)